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1.1.8 not working on MAC


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Sorry for posting here but I can't post in bug report section.

I can't play with Tekkit since I updated to 1.1.8... The launcher works well, I can go on the Minecraft home screen, but whenever I want to log in to play on SMP or launch a SSP map, the game crashes. I made a clean install but I didn't solved my problem.


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I have the same exact issue,

This mornings update broke my my Mac client as well, and i have people coming by to play later

Is there a way to revert to version 1.0.6 in the meantime till this is fixed?



Under the Tekkit-icon on the left side of the launcher there is a little cog-wheel. Click on it, select "Manually select a build" and pick 1.0.6 from the drop-drown list.

Hit "Save" and then launch as normal. It will ask if you want to update, do so.

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