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Some favorite mods removed from my favorite pack in the latest update (2.0.4) :(

Dale Raine

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I can't find pumps or water pipes anywhere in Voltz 2.0.4 :( It makes Hydrogen generators very impractical and the uranium refining process too (assuming it's the same as 1.1.4 as I haven't actually tried it yet). I'm also surprised at the removal of electric expansion :(

Has anyone else experienced similar dissatisfaction with the new Voltz? It has changed for the worse in my opinion :(

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Both pumps and pipes are there, they simply aren't the same pipes and pumps as before. Look around a bit before jumping to conclusions. You could've even searched for the words "pump" and "pipe" to find them. Both are part of Mekanism. Electric Pump and Mechanical Pipe.

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