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looking for admins for a server


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If you want to be an admin on my server I do need help getting it started. Just fill out this form. Note: You will probably be an admin after the server is started unless you brake a rule which will be stated at a later date when the server opens. That will be soon.


IGN: (in game name)


Do you have experience being an admin?:

Do you have experience with the

griefprevention or essentials plugin?:

Have you ever bin banned from a server?:

If so why?:

And why would you like to be an admin?:

Also if you want to get some great galacticraft stuff or 32 diamond blocks you can tell me how to get a website IP or how to make a bigger world instead of a one biome sized world. I will not open the server till I get that stuff working. If you tell me how to do that and you want to be an admin just fill out the form in the same comment you tell me how to do one of the two things. You could also put a link to a video that shows how to do it. It will only be for the first person that works that I try. It doesn't have to be your video. If you don't know how to do any of this stuff and you want to be an admin just fill out the form and I might accept you. Don't be afraid to say if you got banned before, I have. And by be banned I mean from any server.

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A few things.

First:Getting the website IP costs money, there is no way around that.

Second:You really need to change it away from 'hiring' to 'looking' for, because 'hiring' means they will be paid.

Third:If they are admins, they don't need diamond blocks or ingame things, as admins can spawn things. If you do not give them the power to spawn things, then that's not admin, that's moderator.

Fourth:If your server is less than 5-10 people, you don't need a moderator, and if it is more than 5-10 people, you cannot run it off of a home computer, which means spending money.

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It seems co.cc was closed down

So unless you can find some other free domain provider you will have to go to something like 123-reg.co.uk and buy a domain

You can use the code 10COM for 10% off a .com domain but I'd stick to .co.uk, costs £8.38 for 2 years ($13)

Even so you still need hosting such as GameServers which would cost $5 for every 4 slots, per month

Please note, the above are Affiliate links so if you use them it will credit me

If you still want to go 100% free then lookup dynamic DNS and host from home

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