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Binary Magic - Closed

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Server I.P: binarymagic.co.nz

Whilst we are based in New Zealand (with the server being in the US) we welcome all English speakers




Binary Magic server is for people looking for a more Magic/Medieval/RPGs styled modpack. Quests and other game content are continuously being added if you don't want to work your way thought Tinker's Construct, Thaumcraft 4 or Ars Magica 2. Whilst we do not have an official age restriction


1) Don’t harass Staff or Players. This includes things like asking for items and teleports etc. This is to ensure players have a fair experience.

2) Don’t needlessly abuse flaws within the mods (Ars Magika’s Magic Fabricator for example)

This does mean that PVP is allowed (and is encouraged) as long as you aren't harassing players.

3) The most update to list of rules will always be kept in the server spawn

4) If you wish to get out of spawn make sure you read the boards

Whilst we do not offer a method of protecting chests like Lockette we do have a global bank as well as Chests from Ars Magica and Thaumic Tinkerer

Banned items:

Magic Fabricator




Why do you wish to join:

What feature do you find most appealing about the server:


[Traveler] Wanders roam the lands looking for a place to call home

[Adventurer] Wanderers who have decided to settle down and make their keep

[Citizen] Those who have decided to give something back to the land

[Knight] Upstanding Citizen's who keep the peace and strive for justice for all

[Lord] Citizens who have reached an understanding with the King, they strive to keep the realm in order


Can be found on the Modpack page


  • World Border
  • mcMMO
  • Essentials
  • WorldEdit
  • Dynmap
  • CoreProtect
  • WorldGuard
  • CraftIRC
  • And more!



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May I ask how you got the forge essentials working in 1.6.4? I need world border badly but can't gt it without bukkit compatibility. Is there an alternative?

I don't know where you got the idea that we are using forge essentials from. We use MCPC+ for bukkit plugins.

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It is due to a grief prevention measure, jump on and mention my name (disconsented). If I am around I will get pinged and will be able to get you sorted :)

Ok, when you are online can add frehyas too?

ps:Can you add Battlegear mod to server? :^D

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Ok, when you are online can add frehyas too?

ps:Can you add Battlegear mod to server? :^D

Just login and type "disconsented" (without quotes) into chat and I will get pinged :)

Battlegear is a great mod however:

  • There are still many issues with mcpc+
  • There have been reports of incompatibilities with smp/lan.

Because we use MCPC+ I cannot install this without having issues :(

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We can't because our time zone is too different to yours, we live in italy.

So, please, can you add us at the server?

I am sorry I cannot if we are not online at the same time, this system has worked extremely well for us and I am not willing to change and circumvent it.

Good luck with your server searching :) If you happen to be online the same time I am happy to get you sorted (FYI I am normally online until around until miday your time)

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TBH not a pack worth getting.

First you have to sit and wait for an hour in a little dome to get promoted so you can leave that dome.

Then you get some really basic gear you can't do much with since when you leave the spawn you get raped by mobs, if you play with friends there is no way to gather up with any form of TP

New players if you wanna sit in spawn for the entire time on this server then its the right one.

TPA is removed due to people abuse it to get mobs inside the castle"spawn" and gets the guards to murder them, yet the moderators tell you to do it.

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You were afk for most of the time that you were there, I messaged you multiple times without reply.

Tp's are disabled due to them being a get out of jail free card, if you mess up you need to deal with it.

Also a few regulars offered to come help you but you completely ignored them.

The server was never meant to be easy, whilst the starter gear may not be sufficient; Criticizing without providing alternative isn't going to get anything sorted.

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This a cool server, functional, and secure. I've only seen spawn griefing once, and the person was instantly dealt with. The people are really cool. We visit around the map without worry of theft, killing, or griefing. There are 2 towns currently recruiting members. They are a safe place to start for anyone who wants to join. There are people with airships willing to transport new people to these towns.

Busi had a unique experience. Offers were made to assist him. The security system works to protect everyone, not just the spawn. As such it needs no fixing. This pack does include mo creatures. Read up on it, other wise your first day on server will be brutal. Mine was :) and there were 3 of us together. That said, every time I restart on any server the first bit is hard and I die a ton. That is normal.

I'd talk about the great admin, but he hates it when I flatter him :P The server experiences very little down time and is carefully updated as needed. This is a very legit place. Expect it to be. Now I'm going back to my little house and flying RV, KALI OUT!

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IGN: King_Minecraftia

Age: 14

Why do you wish to join: I've been trying so hard lately to locate a good server and I hope this is it, I recently ragequit an old server after my town was griefed... I was the Head Architect there.

What feature do you find most appealing about the server: I like magic mods mostly thats why I think I'll like this server, besides I also like Towny because I can build without worry of @#$%! destroying my creations.

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