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Help with installing Forestry, Extra Bees and Trees :C


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Well, I kinda want to add more mods to Tekkit so I installed Thaumcraft, Tinkers Construct and Optifine, but I also want to play with Forestry and Extra Bees and Trees.

Installing Forestry goes fine, but when I add the Extra Bees file things go wrong.

I can open Tekkit, but when I open a world, it stays open for a second and then crashes :L

I don't have a crash-report because when the game crashes it just freezes and I have to close it with the task manager...

Anyone who successfully has installed Extra Bees and Trees with Tekkit? Or do I have to go on an ID-hunt?

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Right at the error at the bottom of both "Part 2".

2013-09-01 14:06:13 [iNFO] [sTDERR] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space


Any time you start adding mods to a pack that is already pushing the limits on size you will need to increase PermGen size on both the server and the client. The client is easy, you just have to check the box to increase PermGen in the launcher settings. For the server, you need to add this to your command line:



That should be enough to run a TON of extra mods.

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