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Turtle cant detect redstone signal sides


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I cant get the turtle to detect redstone signal from the sides. I can detect front, back, bottom and I asume from top but havent tryed that. But when I try the sides I cant get it to work. Been reading alot and redstone.getInput() should also work on "right" and "left" and when I try it in lua mode it returns false on the sides so the command seems to work.

Are the turtle working as intended or are it bugging on the sides?

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Im realy new to promgramming so it can be me. When I ran the "redstone.getInput()" in lua it gave back true but it didnt execute the command I had programmed when running the program. (have rewritten the code so its gone) When I just changed the code from "left" to "front" or "back" it executed the command but never when I had "left" or "right".

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