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Village addon for Tekkit? and other silly questions


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Hello there everyone, my first post is to ask if there is any village related addon planned for Tekkit.

I love the mod pack and how can I make full holes in the map but feel pretty alone in that bast full world. I miss some mod like Millenaire or something like that making villages more frequently and making people build things and expand. I would even be happy with a instant house spawner or something like that so I can expand a village or make it from zero and see how it grows to be bigger.

Now, for something pretty much unrelated, does the flat pattern in the filler works? Just trying to fill the massive holes I make in the landscape.

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Can't you just use the fill pattern?

Better than Wolves conflicts with everything. Other mods, APIs, fun, you name it.

Personally, I think FlowerChild has reasonable cause for sticking to ModLoader. NVM

EDIT: Apparently the admins don't agree with me. I typed f-l-o-w-e-r c-h-i-l-d and the software changed it to "dong princess". XD

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