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Extracting MJ From Biofuel Generator? (Single Player)


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I have setup a whole animal farm, sewage, compost, plants, bioreactor and now finally got some blaze rods and built the generator.

Connected them up and putting fuel in, they show full fuel and MJ but I cannot seem to be able to extract the MJ with Buildcraft Conductive Pipes? I've tried both wooden and direct to gold conductive with same result.

The Wiki doesn't mention anything on connectivity (I'd be happy to update once I know) so thought best to ask how these are meant to work here.

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Yea, do you have Bio Generators, or Bio Reactors? The Reactors create the fuel, as dwwojcik stated, at no energy cost. The Bio Generators use that fuel to generate the MJ's.

But as Lethosos states, they only produce it if it's needed. So hook it up to a Redstone Energy Cell, Machine or something to use it and it should work.

Also, don't get messed up like I did, the graphics on the Gen's only show fire when it is idle and has stored all the MJ is can internally.

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After wrangling around with my setup for days I use the following layout if you're interested. I have a reactor surrounded by liquiducts (so they form a 3x3 with the reactor in the middle) and above that are 9 generators. Above them are a layer of redstone conduit which then feed into two redstone energy cells set to 72 input and 24 output. I then attach 3 wooden conductive pipes to each cell and link all 6 via gold conductive to one phased conductive. The generators produce approximately 144 MJ/t, hence the 72 input. The 24 output allows each wooden conductive to pull out 24 MJ/t, equaling 72. Thus my REC's are never drained and provide a backup in the event my farm fails and they run out of stuff to burn in the reactor. Then I just keep adding more of this exact setup as needed. Although this only really works due to the fact that I have AE export buses attached to the reactors feeding them, but you could do the same with BC pipes as well.

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