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T-construct secret tools


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I was reading the wiki the other day and apparently there are three secret items in T-construct, I know the first, the cutlass, but on the cutlass page it says its one of three hidden items in T-construct. I've also seen a guy with a short weapon that looked like a sickle, an infernal mob stole it and I had it for a minute but I was getting my %#$ handed to me by an infernal Spider boss so I didn't see the name, and I have no clue what the third is.

If anyone knows what these items are please tell me, and how to craft them.

Thanks or no thanks -pickleonaraft

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Don't you see "<poster>, <time of post> Report" at the bottom of each post?

That's what I was talking about. It's effectively signing the post with the username of the poster.

yes, there's that, and your name is also two inches to the left of anything you've posted.

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