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How to power the power fist and accompanied armour?


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Hey guys, new here so im not sure if this is where to ask so apologies.

I want to charge my power fist though my version of tekkit does not have Industrial Craft installed, im relying on buildcraft, Applied enenrgestics and modular powersuits. Is there any machine in these stated mods that can power these?

Thanks for the help :)

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by adding the solar panek and the kinetic generator you should have power forever. somo people like adding the thermal gen. also, always add the shock absorbers on you boots and the cooling system on your chest. or youll burn to death if you dont watch your temp.

at this point I dont recommend extensive use of the fist to mine, if you dont have an energetic infuser it might he a pain to recharge suit.

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I just attach my infuser to my tesseract system which is currently inputting around 3000 MJ/t from all the ones I have setup in my fusion plant (they can only accept 100 MJ/t input per face like REC's).

My suggestion for MPS armor:

1. Solar helmet

2. Kinetic generator at maximum

3. 2x heat sink at maximum

4. 1x elite battery at maximum

5. Cooling system at maximum

You get good heat capacity and cooling for rail/plasma gun use and lava, decent power supply and excellent power regeneration. It also keeps you right at the 25kg weight limit so you're not slowed down at all. With a full power jetpack (no boots) you can zip around stupid fast.

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