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Chunk loading blocks is not loading the chunk when i am offline.

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Well. Did a research before posting, didnt find any answers, so here is the story:

I got a quarry running, hooked up to a chest, filter and condenser. also got some oil pumps. I sat up some chunk loading blocks around 500 blocks from my base, i sat my oil pump there. But if i go back to my base its not pumping oil. Only if i (me as person) stand in that chunk is sends oil trough the teleport pipes.

Even if i am offline the quarry is stopping.. Anyone got any suggestion on how i fix the stupid chunk loading blocks?

recommended and dev build on server.

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Press f9.

Large blue squares will show up at eye level. Those are the chunks that are loaded, so makesure everything you want working is inside the blue squares.

Also, what do you mean by: "recommended and dev build on server."

You can't be saying the server is running two versions of tekkit right?

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They work even with everyone offline.

Double check the chunk boundrys, use f9 (from a few chunks away) to cehck all the chuncks are loaded. And make sure it is loaded on both sides, across the whole pipe system (It won't work if it jams at an unloaded chunk or destination)

If that fails, try re-booting the server.

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