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Quarrys requires ridiculously amount of power?


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I have a nuclear reactor giving power to a MFS from the MFS i have glass fibre cable running to 33 diffrent electrical engines. These engines are all connected together with golden conductive pipes running from the engines to a quarry.

Now the quarry is running really slow i been playing for an hour and it has not finished building yet. how much MJ/t do you need to power a quarry efficiently? or is their something wrong in my setup? i feel 33 should be enough but i could be wrong :s

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I think 4-6 is full speed (each is 2MJ max speed is 9-11 I think?).

Each one requires 6 EU.

Your problem is likely that your losing too much of the power over distance. What sort of disatnce are you running this setup over, and what is the power output of your reactor?

You might also find better results with just 4-6 engines.

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I have had excellent luck running quarries using the following setup:

Use ShadwDrgn's automatic water mills setup to generate at least 34 EU/tick (17 water mills).

Connect that to an MFE using tin cables.

Connect the MFE to an LV transformer using no more than two double-insulated gold cables.

Connec the LV transformer to an Energy Link using no more than five insulated copper cables.

Your quarry should now run pretty fast and be able to tolerate bucket placement problems in the water mills thanks to the MFE.

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The distance is 46 blocks(from the MFS to the engines) 12(from reactor to MFS using heavy insulated tin cable) but i'm using glass fibre from the MFS to the engines so it shouldn't be a problem. i tried reducing the amount of engines to 9 and it's working really well now, thanks for the tips guys!

btw is their anyway i can check how much eu/t is running through my cables or how much eu/t my reactor is producing?

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