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Let's Test Hexxit 1.0.8!


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Hey, everyone,

I've just promoted Hexxit 1.0.8 to Latest. This is a minor version update- we have included a few bugfixes to Better Storage, and we're including a brand new mod called qCraft which we think you'll find very interesting!

If you're interested in helping test, back up your worlds (SSP or server) and set your launcher up to use the "Latest" build, or manually select version 1.0.8. Play with us and report issues in this thread!

The 1.0.8 server can be downloaded here: http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/hexxit/Hexxit_Server_v1.0.8.zip

Changelog for Hexxit 1.0.8-

- Added qCraft 1.0. New quantum ore generated at lower depths (on new maps only). See www.qcraft.org for more info.

- Updated Better Storage to version

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Server Hoster: Multicraft

Server Platform : MCPC+ With hexxit (Latest MCPC build for 1.5.2)

Plugins: 64

Mods: All but DimensionalDoors

Ram: 2 Gigs

Results: Server Launched and is hosting 10+ players just find. No error messages out of the ordinary, Qcraft works just fine! No errors given. Overall solid release!

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Thanks for this update!

Our APOC MC community is performing mass-reset for our servers soon, and were discussing the possibility of disabling BetterStorage alongside due to errors we've been having in the past with it causing chunk corruptions.

But, this is no longer our plan, thanks to the update on both the behalf of the BetterStorage and Hexxit devs.

It may be about a week before I gather enough data to make a report on stability and usability, but will certainly do so!

(Not the actual owner of APOC, just a staff member of our Hexxit server who's been frustrated over the constant issues BS has been causing =/ so this update means a lot!)

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Since there is no update i'll report the 1.0.7 errors here.

1. Box from Artifice crashes the server when its filled in the crafting table.

2. Enderbow crashes the server

3. Sorting chests occasionaly crashes the client

Can you get those things sorted out please? ATM the server release is not stable by default. Its too easy to crash it if items are not banned or removed.

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