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Hello! New to the game, new to the forum!


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Hey everyone. I just recently got in to Minecraft. Absolutely loving it so far. Played without Mods and liked it, but now I'm playing Tekkit Classic with Buildcraft and IC2 and it's even better than I could have imagined.

Anyway, I wanted to drop a line and introduce myself. I'm really enjoying this game, although it's unfortunate that Tekkit Classic is out of order currently. ( >.<;)

Any who...I'd love to play online with others once I really have this game down. Any Tekkit Classic servers that anyone would recommend?

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Not a lot of tekkit classic servers nowadays unfortunately. I would recommend the new Tekkit, it's nice but there's no IC2, so if you want that there's plenty of custom mod packs for newer Minecraft versions with that, BuildCraft, and more.

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As a seasoned veteran of this forums, I shall pass onto you one rule that I found out able

that didn't seem to be in the rule book.

-The mods don't like it when people ask others to find servers for them.

Have fun with tekkit.

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It's in the rulebook under "Lazy". But this isn't it.

The ones we ding are people who posts new threads to say "I don't want to search through the server list for one that fits me, so someone else find me a server that had X/Y/Z/Q. And be snappy about it!", while this is just asking for suggestions.

It's the difference between asking other customers what's good on the menu and demanding a single dish that fits his taste profile perfectly be brought before him.

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