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Which Map Should I Focus More On Completion? [For A Tekkit Custom Map]

Cereal Guy

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Yes! That is right boys and girls, I'm currently making TWO custom maps that are NOT tutorials or skyblock

maps! But they is just one problem... Which one should I focus on first?

Here are both of the maps plot lines and I want YOU to decide which one...

Option A

Misfits (Based Off The Hit UK Drama "Misfits." Channel 4.)

Two years ago a supernatural storm hit the center of London. Many people headed indoors for safety but those who couldn't were found themselves developing their own unique Super Power Whether it be controlling dairy products or immortality.

Present Day: A Old Jewish Man called Friedrich, who has developed the power to turn back time plots to go back, and kill Adolf Hitler. But all goes horribly wrong and when he returns to present day, things have changed drastically, for the worse!

Friedrich's Letter

13th May 2012

To whoever finds this...

My name is Friedrich Hirsch. I was born in Berlin in 1935.

When the Jews were sent to the ghettoes I was given false

papers and adopted by a German family. Shortly afterwards,

my parents were sent to the labour camps. I was never to see

them again. My adopted parents, were terrified that I were to

be found out. Everyday they said to me, "Say nothing. Do nothing."

I smiled and saluted, and I did...Nothing, as everyone I knew was

murdered. But now I have a chance to change that. I am going to

travel through time and kill Adolf hitler. If I fail, I wanted whoever

finds this letter to know that...I tried. I did.. Something.

Friedrich Hirsch.

Option B

And A Better Life...

The worlds resources are running out... the sun was about to give way and explode, and they is only one way out. In the 54-69BJ, However the ship only holds 5 people so only the youngest get to go!

You strap yourself into your preserver and brace yourself for the long journey that stands between your destination. 70 years have past and you wake up! You test the atmosphere... Its breathable! You and your crew exit the ship to find a beautiful world unharmed with to toxins...Or so you think. You soon also realise your not alone. They are others there. You soon fall in love with the place but accidently discover its horrible secret! Horrified and still in shock, you gather up your crew and head for the rocket but its gone. You must find another way back to civilisation.

So what do you think?

Please comment say either "Option A." For the "Misfits" Custom map. Or "Option B." For the "And A Better Life..." Custom map. I will probably get round to doing both of them, but your voting for the one I'm gonna work on now.

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