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dynmap wont initialize at all, no mention of it in the logs

Dan Demers

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I have placed the jar file for dynmap in plugins and the server is set at a tekkit server under MCMYADMIN, when I start the server it starts fine and works great other then localhost:8123 does not work and the folder that holds the dynmap confi and data doesnt get created.

I used another box and set the server as a craftbukkit server and it worked perfectly. When I set that server as tekkit it immedietly upon restart did not allow 8123 to bring me to my map and it did not connect.

I read here


and here


and here


that this should be working by just placing the plugin in the plugin folder and restarting. The variable is that IT WONT WORK if the server is set to the type tekkit but once I set it to type craftbukkit it works just fine.



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Hi, unfortunately, Dynmap is not directly supported by the technic team, and as a result, I'd recommend directing your questions to any of the links you so conveniently posted, as I couldn't tell you what sort of .jar changes this dynmap plugin is making, much less how the issue is caused.

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