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Why I love Build Craft


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As some may have noticed I am a big fan of the BC mod. For me BC is the real reason why I love Tekkit so much since its a mod that more or less works with all the others mod in the game and let you build the solutions instead of use some mods that more or less is just about config to get it to work.

Here are some images from some of my builds.


The three first images are from my ongoing project that lets you choose what you whant to build and how many and the Cyclic Assembler will build them. I use Computers, rednet cables to controll BC switches so the build material ends up at the right CA and computers to control the pulls from the storage chests. It was some tricky to get it to work since I must use timed pulls from the chests since singel pulls with gates are broken.

The next four images are from my BioFuel powerplant and for this I use turtles, TE and BC. The first pic of them are chests that my turtles gets the sapplings/seeds and those chests autmaticly refills themselves from the main storage on the second picture of the four. The third picture are from the BioReactors that controlls by gates. When they need sapplings/seeds they will start the four turtles that resupplys them. The fourth picture are from the Biofuel generator room.

As for now Im pretty busy with the buildfactory but pls send me some suggestion on buildproject I can take on in the future.

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How about a room full of flying blocks so you can play a game of dodge ball. Well, sort of. Making puzzles, using buildcraft pipes and vanilla stuff where the goal is to get through it without picking up a block. Gold pipes will throw the block they are transporting quite a ways and an obsidian pipe can pick it up again. if this gives you an idea where to start.

Would be interesting to watch if nothing else. Blocks flying through the air in a sort of pipe less transport system.

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