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[1.0.10]Horizon City- Creative server Hexxit server Starting july 7th.


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STARTING JULY 1st. this server will be a creative server.

with no protections.. come have fun blowing and greifing us up!


As of august 1st. this server will no longer be a hexxit based server.

Our community is working together to roll out a custom mod pack for this server.

you can find info about our custom mudpack at:




 Feel free to leave your feedback on our community forums to discuss the mods

or sugjest your own, or even how we should tweak the config files. this is being designed with our community in mind,

so its your feedback that will help to shape the final product. Thanks for all your support in making

our hexxit server such a great server to play on. But, its time to move on to lands to explore....







Server IP:





Server is changing to a custom server on JULY 16th.



Banned Items:

ender Bow, bag ,chest transporter,Essence Extractor, storage crate

(either crashes server or dupe glitches)

you may notice other items are restricted on PvE worlds but allowed in PvP worlds.



Plugins used:







Cannons!!! (go to our website to see the cannons made so far...)



Treasure Chest

World Border



Server Description:

Controlled Anarchy. We let the plugins govern the rules

Adding no Further burden to you


NON-PVP and PVP worlds

Towny is used on the main world to prevent grief and theft.

Factions is used  in PVP worlds to have fun with raiding



Spleef!, mazes, parkour, challenges, Battlarenas, CTF!(Battlearenas and CTF are coming in march)

Earn money and prizes for completeing challenges!



Create a town or join one.make a nation and lead an empire!

Build near other players to encourage trade relations.

make a chestshop on any land you own.



Make a faction, protect your lands. enjoy raiding. make enemies, or make allies!



this world resets every month and alternates between being

PVE or PVP. here you'll find all the fun better dungeons.



build your shop ANYWHERE you want.

Warp Signs provided for players to find your shop easily

roads are created on the main world that eventually connect to your town

to the network, or build near the expanding road network to sell goods easier



every month we feature a new parkour, maze or adventure map to enjoy with freinds



Trophy Heads!

Like to Pvp? but don't have any proof your awesome?

now, you can take there heads, the heads will say who killed the player

and what weapon was used.

make a trophy room and show off your awesome pvp


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This is the Juggernaut :) It leaves a hole. Its kinda an OP item. so its expensive to get the block needed to build it. you have to complete TIER 4 of the battletower to have a chance of getting the sponge block. or buy it from a player that has it. It only works in the PVP world.


It wont destroy obsidian walls or blast walls rated 30 and higher. but everything is kinda..just...gone. :)

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Im noticeing in the command window that about 10 new players came on and checked out the server and almost immediately attempted to fly.

or these new players attempting to cheat by bypassing survival or is the world somehow glitching as soon as ya'll log in. I've had several testers helping me out while we were alpha and beta testing the server. there shouldn't be any issues. but if there are, please let me know either here or on server website forum and we will try and fix. PEX should be allowing all new players to have commands to use factions ...build ...edit ..and so forth.

as far as being able to fly. though, if you can work around my setup and do it :) feel free ...Like I said, no Bans. if you can bypass any of my protocols to fly or cheat.go for it.

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Right now im running on 2Gb's of RAM it shows I have a full GB available. but im noticeing a lot of CPU usage with the new players joining up now.

If theres any issues with lag, please let me know either thru here or the website hooptiesworld.enjin.com and I will upgrade server. to the unlimited plan.

which will allow more RAM and unlimited amount of players.

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okay, sorry guys. I realize a lot of players have tried to join but were having problems not being able to move. I belive it was a conflict with the Nocheat+ plugin

and the PEX plugin. I think I've fixed it. So you should be able to log in and play on the server without be kicked for flying.

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The Hidden Keys Can now be used! If you find a Clay pot in the PVP world, break it and you might get a key. use it near the /spawn on the main world and you can get some

less common items and other uncraftable loot to have fun with. 2 of them have the spawn eggs for pirates from the better dungeons mod. place em down and have fun being attacked. :) or drop em on an enemy to distract em.

they where gold and iron armor so there harder to kill.

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Just added a fun new game. on the Main World I call it: DMC (Destroy My Castle) Once you find the DMC faction (located near the battletower arena. Enemy the DMC faction.(5,000 dollars to enemy on main world)

But once you do that, you can attack the castle as it lvls up and gets harder. Right now, its at lvl. 1 the loot is minor. but, with each lvl it will expand and get harder, you will find better loot. kind of like a better dungeon.

But caslte. COME AT ME BRO! :)



Just a small note, this is also a PVP zone, meaning other players can attack your here too. Including your own faction members. No power is lost though.

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One of our new players to the world. his design is really good. this is a perfect example of how to build in the main world. no worries of greif. However, this is also a perfect example of how NOT to build in the PVP world. before too long, I expact this base will be raided hard. :(



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Spleef Battle begins tonight at 630pm central. (30 minutes from the time of this post.)

It will be held in 2 parts. as many people that one to join can join for the event. but only 4 will actually be able to make into the arena.... there maybe a death duel based on how things turn out too. :)

1st prize will get a dimoand key to unlock one of rare loot chests. 2nd place will get 100 bucks

3rd will get 50. 4th will get 25.00 all other particpants will recive a cash prize just for showing up and playing.

Hope to see you on, good luck :)

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This is the Story of BmxJake. BmxJake was a new player to our world. he came, he stayed 3 minutes, he raged. Here's why....


here, you can see Jake going into the Mob Battle Arena. With leather armor(starter kit) and a wooden sword (starter kit)

at this point, sadly, Jake had not yet learned any shouts to be able to warp out of the battle arena...he didn't even look at the warp sign which would have taught him the shout to warp back the arena easy...


here, jake is being chased by 3 zombies. with more on the way.

Sadly, he died just after this pic was taken of a spider bite. :(

This is the last we ever saw of poor jake. He rage'd quit. and most likely will not return.

The moral of the story?

Battle towers and Battle Arenas, are not for the ill prepared.

This is Jakes. Story. What will be yours?

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servers starting to get busier. made a few tweaks based on players feedback.

for a limited time, players will be able to create a faction on the main world for only 100 coins.

After the main world gets 2 full pages of factions with land.

The price will go back up 750 coins. Main world is your safest place to build. :)

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The homestead was raided By PIRATES last night!

Thankfully enough players came to the rescue that they posed no threat. :) (forgot to take more pics of the pirates.. sorry)

I hope to do more of these, with the other betterdungeon bosses.

All the players who survives got to get there hands on some rare and hard to get loot.

Thanks for playing, hope to see everyone for next months end of the month event!

Zm1cHp5.png UkXB63A.png

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we will be hosting a supersecret Friday night surprize tonight at 11pm.(central)

anyone is welcome to come and have fun. there will be cake. and a grand prize for the winner who finds our surprize.

every minute after 11pm i will give out a hint.. clue to help player discover the surprize. first one to it. will get the loot and ..be the first to disover the surprize for the server!

come have fun!

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And better than ever!

We know have a better dungeons world ready for you to explore and discover.

Ill be making a portal to it that you can access from the PVP world spawn area.

But for now, Simply go to thru the Homestead Portal and then go thru the Adventure portals

and you'll see the better dungeons world there.

have fun.... :) !!!

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Looks as if SMokeTheif was the 1st to use one of the basic cannons on our server. Its only useable in the PVP world, so watch out when building your bases. Blast walls are very effective against these basic cannons.

EdJW0Xt.png SBvfIDw.png

This was the same faction base that you saw a few pics back. looks there initial walls didn't last well against the cannon.

NOTE: we've since tweaked cannons to do slightly less dmge. but they will still break thru basic defenses. you need to build with blast walls in the PVP world to protect against them.

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Just wanted to give a heads up,

the nether is about to reset.

Also wensday we will be hosting a mid-week game I like to call "cat and mouse" it was made popular on our Last Player Standing Series we use to do

on XboxLive every Saturday. I've finally tweaked the game mechanics so it fits with hexxit. so it should make for really fun exciting game.

there will prizes for EVERY MOUSE that manages to survive the gauntlet.

Hope to see you on :)

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just want to give a reminder that the

Cat and Mouse game will be tonight at about 630pm central time.

the rule are simple. Survive to the end without being trapped by the cat....

and you get cash or epic loot.

we also might do one more i like to call "Chamber Of Death"

(if i can get the new design done in time.)

both or from the infamous Last Player Standing Games that we use to host on xboxlive minecraft version.

i hope to get all games ported over to the hexxit world by june of next year.

(there were a lot of mini games)

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We had some fun on the server recently with a little archery tournament.

congrats goes to sonic239 for winning the hosted event. :)



later we had a little fun with a hydra killing party.

cant wait to see how are guys handle this best during our Hosted Mob spawning battles....

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