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Machines Stop Running on Multiplayer Server when no one is logged in

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Machines only run when the chunk they are in is loaded. Chunks are only loaded when they are within 10 chunks of a player. If no one is online, no chunks are loaded. You can use chunkloader blocks to resolve this. Placing one in the world forces the chunk it is in and the 4 adjacent ones to stay loaded even if no player is nearby. If you press F9, you can see an outline of the chunks that will stay loaded due to the chunkloader blocks.

Check NEI for the chunkloader recipie.

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buildcraft - config - AdditionalPipes.cfg:


This wont btw remove allready placed chunklaoders, u might have to hunt for them manually using F9 if you dont have anything like Hawkeye or LogBlock to roll back placement of them.

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