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Won't unzip


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So i've seen one other person have this problem and whenever i go to start up hexxit or tekkit it says it can't unzip it. I checked my tekkit folder and it all seems normal but every folder thats inside my hexxit folder is empty. It says to contact the mod pack creator but i dont know what or how i should do anything

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If you have problems with the Technic launcher not launching Technic modpacks, please make a Bug Report


posting in this thread with zero information and on the wrong section is doing yourselves a disfavor. It also makes people like me who tries to help you but wasting our time directing you to the Bug section a grind.


The difference between modpack discussions sections and modpack bug sections is this:


modpack discussion: my ice sword does not spit fireballs, is something wrong?


modpack bug: suddenly my chocobos spawned 1000's of chicobos and my game crashed.


Technic launcher bug: the modpack wont load at all!

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