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Server Information


My server hosts a very special Kanto re-creation map with the Pixelmon Mod implemented. Now you have a chance to explore Kanto in a 3D perspective.


**This server requires a Modpack that is downloadable via the Technic Launcher. Click the link below to be taken to the platform page.**


All the information regarding the server I.P can be found here;




This server has a few nice features to help you along on your journey;

  • Custom spawns, identical to the FireRed spawns.
  • All the NPCs and traders from FireRed dotted around the map.
  • All 8 working gyms, each with their own NPCs.
  • A fully working economy so you can buy all the Pokeballs and potions that you need.
  • The Celadon Game Corner is also implemented into the map, with the help of a Casino Bukkit plugin.


Server I.P - mc.mediocraft.com


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