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Play Hexxit without Technic Launcher?


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hey guys,

i just tried to run the hexxit mod via technic launcher but got the message ""Error downloading file for the following pack...". Now it seems like the only way to make it work is to disable my firewall and anti virus software. the problem is: even if i disable all that, my router has a build in firewall which can't be disabled. is there any chance i can install that mod manually or dowload the files the launcher needs to start hexxit?

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i have changed permission for my technic launcher to run as an admin. i have disabled my fire wall turned off my anti virus protection disabled the router firewall..... i have tried to download an off technic source to run through technic once i got it downloaded could not find a link and i get this error

"an error occured when trying to unzip the following pack: hexxit

Error when opening zip file

please consult the mod pack author"

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