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Prolem with Igneous Extractor > Recycler


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So I'm having trouble with a random stuff crafting setup.

I have two Igneous Extractors. They both have gold transport pipes coming out of an orange output, these gold pipes feed 1 gold pipe leading to the recycler.

The problem i am having is that some of the cobblestone is being sent from one extractor to the other, some is being spit our of the pipes completely, and some is going to the recycler. This happens even if the recycler is completely empty and waiting for cobblestone.

Any advice how to make all the cobble stone go directly into the recycler?

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I know this is sort of unsolicited, but having used both Buildcraft and redpower extensively in base setups, it is extremely worth it to learn the Applied Energistics mod for processing and storage of items. Don't get me wrong, I love watching everything go through pipes, but the space you save with AE, as well as the autocrafting and general ease of interfacing your machines with your storage is extremely worth it. And fun! :)

Mindcrafters did a 4 part tutorial on it, which really broke it down and made it easy to learn something that seemed a bit overwhelming to me at first.

It's particularly useful if you want to get into dangerous (and fun! :) ) stuff like Nuclear Reactors.

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