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Items from ME System to Deep Storage Unit??


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I have a pretty good ME System with a lot of several items like cobblestone,dirt,wood and gravel and i don't want to use up most of my me drives on that stuff so i made some deep storage units but im not quite sure on how to set it up so i can assign cobble to one and any cobble i put in my me automatically goes to the deep storage unit. Do i have to use some kind of export and/or import bus? If that's not possible, can someone suggest another way?

- Thanks

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start out with an export bus to get all of the one item, like cobblestone, out of your me system, and into your deep storage unit. Then replace the export bus with a storage bus to connect the deep storage unit back to your ME network, and set the storage bus to store the item, like cobblestone, in the deep storage unit. Now whenever that item is added to your me system, it gets stored in the deep storage unit, but is still accessible through the me network.

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