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Where is IC2 ?


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I have played so many months Tekkit Lite and now decided to take a look into Tekkit main. And huge setback is that there is no more IC2 (nothing in TE or BC is even close to the power what IC2 makes) ?

IC2 is updated up to Minecraft 1.6.4 while Tekkit main still runs on 1.5.2... So does anyone have any idea why IC2 isn't there or why it got removed and is there plan to add it back to modpack ?

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It was removed because the mod was dead and the Alblaka moved on with real life.

The mod is "kinda" updated, sure. By his lord Gregorious T. Greg has a problem with Tekkit, so I would hazard a guess that Technic team isn't gonna add the mod in any near future...

And TE and BC are far superior than IC2 ever was.

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IC2 Experimental is current with 1.6.4 (which TekkitMain is moving to with the new 1.2.x versions). It has had so many changes which I feel improve the playability of the mod and will potentially be more scalable (their energy network works a lot more like TE now, no more packets). However, the development of the mod is VERY fast and loose. When new bugs show up there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest or procedure in place to resolve them. Even when they are reported and confirmed, and literally require a one line change which is put into the issue ticket, they will stick around for many versions. There are some recipe display bugs which have been in for 5 or 6 new builds. Is it a lot more fun now? I think so. Is it likely a nightmare to try to keep integrated and stable? You betcha. That is why it doesn't belong here, imho.

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