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[1.0.10b][SFT] SuperFunTime [PvE] [GriefPrevention]


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Server IP:


About us:

Super Fun Time is a gaming community established in 2010. Our main focus is Minecraft but we provide a multitude of other gameservers for our users. Come check us out at Our Website.

Forums: http://www.superfuntime.org/


Didnt build it? Don't touch it.

No advertising of anything

Be respectful, no flaming or flame baiting

Useful commands you may need:

/home set - Sets your home

/home - Returns you to your home

/home invite <player> - Invites the player to your home

/warp create <name> - Creates a warp to that point so you can return later

/warp private <name> - This makes your warp private so only you and those you choose has access

/warp invite <name> - invites players to your private warps

/trust - This allows you to add people to your claims

/buy - This opens a GUI to either donate or claim a free protection kit so you can adjust your claim sizes


Have suggestions for other servers you want hosted? Post here or PM me and I'll look into it.

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When you place a chest or use the shovel it tells you in the chat, type /trust

Further optimized the server some, it shouldn't lag much. (No such thing as a lag-free server, not gonna lie and say our servers lag free)

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Hello someone please help i tried to get on the archemedies ship and now everytime i try

to join the server my game crashes could some delete my player data and help me afterward thank you so much

It would need to be someone with access to the server files so please help

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Last I checked Minions were enabled. As for the griefing, unless you want me to disable like 90% of the pack - don't cry about being griefed. It sucks, but thats how modded servers are.


As for any lag, the server has 17 worlds currently loading chunks - again, to fix this i'd have to disable mods - i don't like disabling stuff, but this pack wasn't very well designed for big MP servers.

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Server's been down all day almost. It's constantly crashing for one reason or another, this time it's because of TConstruct and dragon breeding. This pack was not meant to be a big multiplayer server with so many people, I'd honestly suggest people to either stick it out and hope the pack improves or just stick to friendly local servers.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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