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Can Someone help me please


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Hello I love the a lot of stuff of the mods

BUT I wish I had my 2 fav mods too be combied into one

if someone can do this for me I would be most greatful

to start
Basic Tekkit Classic

and the hard part

Forestry mod
you can look up on the find modpacks for ( Thaumcraft 3/ Forestry )

I just want the add the 2 together Forestry and Tekkit Classic if anyone can help I would be MOST greatful

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Forestry is in the older versions of Tekkit Classic but isn't in the new ones due to a dispute between the modders and modpack makers.  If you plan on playing solo I'd check out the old Tekkit packs, also another thing you could do is use the Technic Platforum to build your own pack :)

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