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Is it possible for a H/M server to use bukkit plugins?


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Isn't it though? Just take 1.2.3 bukkit and follow the instructions per the video provided on how to make a hack/ mine server shouldn't that work? Or no?

(In other words am I talking out of my ass yet?)

Not quite. The server compilation for bukkit is different than the official MC servers. Theres ways to port MC mods to bukkit, but its a pain the the rear end... Not many people would like to take the time to port, sadly. (Also considering that the mod is still in its early stages, and being updated regularly)

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Integrating with Bukkit is all kindsa possible, just an incredible pain in the arse. I was planning on doing it in the future, but I hear that bukkit is dying to the new Minecraft server implementation, in which case... I'll be updating to that, assuming it's as amazing as I hope it will be.

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