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Why is leaf decay faster?


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Yeah, but Tinker's isn't exactly hard to access.

It seems I need to take a closer look at TConstruct -- I've no idea what you're talking about.  But I've only played it a bit with Hexxit before now.


EDIT: would that be the Lumber Axe?

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Wierleader yes, anything that needs the broad axe head acts as a semi-treecapitator.  The lumber axe does a much better job than the battleaxe, but the battleaxe is also a passable weapon in its own right, so it's a convenience thing more than anything.


The hatchet and mattock work like vanilla minecraft though the mattock also digs dirt and mainly serves as a hoe, again it's a convenience rather than a wondertool.


It's a lot more finicky about hitting the core of a tree than treecapitator, try to hit the central block of wood and it'll behave much better (this can be hard to do and it's easy to mess it up and have it cut out the core where you would've liked to hit it especially on big trees).  Hope that helps if you didn't try it already.

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The lumber axe has a 3 by 3 by 3 area of effect. If any of those blocks are blocks of wood, it will break them. If any broken block of wood has only got blocks of wood above it until it reaches a leaf block (no air), it'll destroy all connected blocks of wood. This last step may have an area of effect as well, but I haven't tested this (it would make sense if it were an iterative process, so I would be quite surprised if it weren't).

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