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Looking for: Groovy B-Team seeds


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I saw nothing of this nature, If it is misplaced, against any regulations i managed to miss or so on. Inform me




So i wandered around my fresh new B-Team world for AGES trying to find a simple nice place to live without sucess, So go ahead and share seeds for B-Team here!


Preferably: (Not at all mandatory, Just things that i personally like)

-BOP enabled



-Near a village

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I had the same problem as you, my worlds were boring, vast oceans, very little diversity :(


Then I figured out that when creating a new world with the AotBT mod pack, I should be choosing World Type: Biomes O Plenty.


Made ALL the difference to my world. I can finally get on and play now :) 

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From the wiki, 783096132 starts you up in a place with all Tropicraft materials if you want.

Tropicraft basically fulfills all those requirements :P


Pain in the ass bit about tropicraft, Beds don't work because it's technically an alt dimension

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