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Liquid XP Help Needed


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I'm currently trying to figure out how to use the liquid XP mod. Right now I'm trying to use the fluiduct from a Hardened Portable Tank to power my Catalyzer but it's a no go. I've tried using a servo and wrenching the tank to out put and the duct to output as well and neither are working. I'm not sure if I need to be using different piping or tanks or what here.  So far I've had nothing but trouble with this mod. It seems like it's so full of potetential but as of yet it's done nothing but give me a headache. Any help would be much appreciated.

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So, I'm not sure about the rules relating to whether or not your need a pneumatic servo, but, install on a pipe connected to the bottom of a tank, set the connection to output, and then, by clicking with an empty hand on the connection, set it to ignore redstone. This will work on pretty much any block with a tank, and can certainly be used to connect to a catalyser. 


If you get a system working which produces drops as well as XP, please show me, because I can't ever get both  :(

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I use an OpenBlocks Tank to store my LiquidXP and then I attach a ThermalExpansion Fluiduct to it and run it to the Catalyzer.  You have to make sure the connection from the tank has a pneumatic server installed and than open hand right click it make sure it is blacklisted and the redstone is disabled.  Then take the wrench click on that same connection and set it to output.  That is currently working my Catalyzer.  I'm a bit disappointed though with the Collector.  The Collector will only collect XP from a clear open space nothing can block the path of the xp to the Collector.  I set up a Zombie farm on a spawner to directly drop the zombies in my smelter for the blood and have a Catalyzer to get the XP upon them dying in the smelter.  But, the XP will not travel out of the Smelter to the Collector.  Does anyone know if that is what it's meant to do?

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