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[1.0.8] B-Team Towny Server [No Banned Items][Economy][PVP][Grieifing]

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Website: http://blurredlogic.enjin.com/

Blurred Logic is an amazing Attack of the B-Team server and is a very new server, which high expectations and goals. We have so much to offer, including:

  • Towny
  • No Banned Items
  • PVP / PVE
  • Griefing / Stealing
  • Economy / ChestShop
  • No Lag / ClearLag
  • Great Connection
  • And more!

What separates us from other servers is that we do not overpower the player! We make money hard to get, so people have to be much more dynamic to succeed! We also do not put limits on the players! We let them do as they please, as long as they follow the rules!

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