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Oil Spawning


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After playing on the new build on my server for a few days, I became completely enraged at the oil spawning frequency. The generator seemed to be spawning oil at least twice per chunk, which is a giant pain in the ass to deal with and kind of defeats the purpose of the whole "oil is a scare resource" thing. After talking it over with members of my server, we decided to turn off oil generation, and live with what oil deposits had already been spawned. I set B:modifyWorld=false in the buildcraft config file and rebooted the server. Today I find that my quarry missed a few spires of ore, so I swam down to check out why, and sure enough there were a half dozen or so single oil source blocks inside my quarry area. The area that the quarry was placed in was generated AFTER I made the change to the config file to turn off oil spawning, so I have no idea why there is any oil there at all. Can anyone help me get to the bottom of this? Did I miss another setting that really REALLY shuts off buildcraft oil spawning?

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when did you make the world? If I remember correct from the test the build thread that seems to be gone now, other people were complaining about too much oil, and oil stopping quarrys. If the world was made before 1.2.3 or 1.2.4 it might have already made those oils but you hadn't found them yet. Maybe I'm wrong about that, I can't be certain now because I can't find the thread again to check. I think it was around 1.2.4 that the galacticraft oil was turned off. 

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