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What is Spatial Containment Structure from AE good for?


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I know it moves blocks and entities to memory card but i don't know why build it.

because you could, for instance, move your entire base somewhere else very quickly.  it might also be an interesting way to protect your belongings if you stored your base or an important area of it and logged off the server with the storage on in your inventory, essentially making it impossible to raid or even find anything contained in that area.

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Moving the nether is valid too. The largest drive I saw was 128x128x128, four quarries worth of nether!


I can easily see having an area set up just large than a quarry with permanent spacial pylons oustide of it, have it on its own ae network (subnetwork) and just imput a full drive from the nether, quarry reset and you are good to go. You may be able to automate the setup and teardown of the spatial pylons in the nether with turtles. Just remember that entities are saved as well as blocks, including zombie pigmen, magma cubes, and ghasts! I don't really want to let a ghast loose in the overworld or mystcraft dimention near my base.

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Or maybe move parts of nether to mine it somewhere, where i can put water?


1) Make Ice blocks in the Glacial Precipitator (TE3)

2) Make a Vibration Catalyst (TE3)

3) Put the Ice down at strategic locations within your quarry in the Nether.

4) Right-click them with the catalyst once in place.


Voila, water in the Nether that doesn't melt.


I plan on using it to store an entire village, NPC's and all!


That sounds like way too much fun. *runs off to copy idea*

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