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Crash when change texturepack.

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Hey all,


When i want to change texture packs in tekkit (sphax) it crashes.

So i go to texture packs, then i click the sphax texture pack but then it crashes.

Pls help me cause i need this texture pack to play minecraft/tekkit classic.

The original one makes me feel sick, pls help.


Thx in advance.





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Thx i helped but not fully i'll show you a printscreen later with the new problem.

Some blocks vanilla some sphax. :(

Ok well get the proper MC version first and then if you're using tekkit cvlassic (1.2.5-1.3.0 for Sphax) get that and then afterwards go to addons and click on modpacks and click on tekkit. Download the 64-128 bit for the pack and the addon. Afterwards follow the readme and then transfer all files (except the readme and the Addons in the Zip you for got the tekkit sphax) and transfer over. Then add to the texturepack folder and then boom.

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