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[1.6.4] Magical Swag PvP [PvP][20 Slots][JunctionPack]

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1. Theft at spawn can result in jail-time or a ban.

2. Griefing at spawn will result in a ban.

3. Do not spam chat.

4. No lag machines at spawn.

5. No NSFW links in chat without warning.

6. Be mature.



This modpack veers away from all the tech mods that you're used to seeing in most packs and focuses solely on magic mods, such as Thaumcraft, Ars Magica. Spawn is a safezone, you are free to build stores, very small storage rooms, and houses. Everything outside of spawn is fair game, you may raid, steal, and fight.


Coreprotect keeps track of all items placed in VANILLA chests, so if you have stuff at spawn that you don't want stolen, it would be smarter to put it in a VANILLA chest. 


A very good way to keep your items safe are with Reinforced Chests (Added by betterStorage mod). You can place locks that can only be opened with the key you made it with. However, there is a way to pick locks.


Mods Included:



Carpenter's Blocks

More Records

Project Red

Random Things

Xeno's Reliquary

Soul Shards 2

Better Storage

Ar's Magica


Biomes O' Plenty



Tinkers' Construct

Hardcore Ender Expansion



Thaumic Tinkerer

Twilight Forest

Extra Utilities



Any questions, feel free to add me!

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I have been searching for a modpack that centers on magic for awhile, I'm very excited to play!!


Unfortunately I cannot get the web page to load, nor can I connect to your server. I have downloaded the modpack successfully though.


Could you post the server IP/address again for confirmation please :-)

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