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Whitelisted Attack of the B-Team server, looking for players...

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A brand new Whitelisted Attack of the B-Team needs players a maximum of 20 spaces so hurry and get your free whitelist....If you do not make it in time do not worry the server will upgrade each week up to 10 spots....

Please join and enjoy

No Griefing allowed as it would ruin the gameplay


Please tell me your IGN and the reason why you want to join :)






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IGN: Jryzerman19

Reason: I would like to join because I play on a whitelisted vanilla server and I would like to expand to different mods! I do youtube so I hope that okay! I also like to help in the community I hope you consider me I wont waste your time!

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REASON: i want to join your server because its small and simple I've been trying to join a server with a minimum of people but haven't found one this so far is the only one also i love little communities I've never been banned or anything like that and i own 2 servers normal vanilla i am 15

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My profile may look like a noob, idk, i just reset my password and everything to reply to this, but i assure you i am no noob to Minecraft. I am howoever a noob to ATOTBT. (Attack of the b-team) I have played with some of the mods, though. Please tell me if i make it onto the whitelist! :D



Crap, i forgot to say why i wanted to join. I really like this modpack and would like to find a server that isnt inhabited by tiny baby men who grief my stuff for fun.

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IGN: DistoyerOfMines


Reason: I am friends with lego. I want to join this server because I really want to be part of more whilst servers. I really like the FTB that some of the mind crackers do. I hope to be part of a cool server like them. Please take my request into consideration.


From: DistroyerOfMines

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