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Whitelisted Attack of the B-Team server, looking for players...

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IGN: stuckbio

The reason I want to join, well, I saw all the YouTubers playing this modpack, I'm playing it now for like 2 weeks, but I feel really alone and I want to join a server so I can enjoy this modpack even more.

I hope you will accept my registration.

Best regards!



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IGN: AfroDog7117

Why I Want To Join: I've always been looking for an AttackOfTheB-Team Server and 2 weeks ago I thought I had found the perfect one, but then I was greifed. So now im switching to whitelisted servers with no greifing where I can hang out with other people but still have fun. By the way, is it one of those servers with a spawn town and everyone is close?

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IGN: Linkthehuman


I've been playing singleplayer for a little bit, and now i want to play with others, (getting lonely there) and I want a small comunity server with no lagg, and that everyone could be friends and such. 

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says not whitelisted :(

it is "eladd" isent it?[no space no quotes]




Ign: Fabbe_k & Sannermannen

Would really like to join this server so we can play together. We're not that experiensed on this modpack and really want to try it out without getting griefed :)

 hope your ok with that :D dont worry, no ones going to grief you with me around :P

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IGN: howlingvengence


Reason I want to join: My reason is probably not too far off from everyone else's reason for wanting to join.  Whitelisted servers always have a better community and thats what I'm looking for.  Hoping to make some friends and have some fun.


I'm also looking to start streaming on Twitch this weekend, don't really know how well its going to turn out, but hey nothing ventured nothing gained. If I get in, I'd like to get permission to stream on your server.


EDIT: Didn't see anything that says we were supposed to put our age, but I'm 18.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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