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  1. IGN:ghoward Singleplayer has gotten extremely boring and in any game I've found the multiplayer aspect will always have something to offer me as I could get help or provide help to others
  2. IGN: ghoward Reasons: I like co-operating with other people to work towards cool things. Singleplayer Minecraft in general has just gotten boring so playing with a group of people who probably aren't greifers should be nice. Favorite Mod: From what I've played it's a tie between Galacticraft and tinkers' construct Age:17 Youtube: Not currently Skype: Jackquel (the Canadian one)
  3. IGN:ghoward Real Name: Greg Contact(Skype):Jackquel Age:17 Location: East Coast-Canada Pros:Decent builder, Good Miner, Helpful, and a quick learner for the mods i don't know Cons:I'm very used to working alone for the most part Approximate hours a day:4-6
  4. IGN:ghoward Age Bracket:15-20 TZ:EST Why this server: I am just looking for a server that I can work with others and not constantly worry about being greifed, also so i can get some help with some of the mods I've not really touched yet
  5. IGN:ghoward Age:17 Reasons: Your server sounds like one of the most decent of all the ones I've currently looked through. I don't like the pure insanity of anarchy so playing with a small group of people with common sense seems like a awesome idea. I've played alot of the mods in the past but they've evolved a lot so multiplayer will allow me to get some help if at all necessary. That's really all, hope you'll consider adding me to the whitelist.
  6. Minecraft username ghoward --- What playstyle do you prefer? Building and Exploration --- Tell us about yourself I like tekkit and have had a fun with it so now i want to see how it is in multiplayer
  7. IGN: ghoward AGE:16 Tekkit experience?:Haven't played it in a while but i have a basic overall understanding Did you read the rules:Nope
  8. IGN: ghoward Reason for wanting to become a member?: I just joined and i think I'll like this server so full access would be nice Will you follow the rules that we have set for this server?:Yes Why should we accept you: I work well with others and understand most of the mods in tekkit (computercraft confuses me)
  9. In Game Username: My username is ghoward Age: 15 Country: Canada Why would you join our community?: I dislike worrying about griefing and stealing 24/7 on open servers so I wish to join your whitelist community, simple as that. If you want to join, explain how you will help us, if help is needed?: I can give help on Industrialcraft mostly but I will try to help people with the other mods to the best of my knowledge. Do you agree on all of the rules?: Yes I agree To prove that you read all of the rules, how many rules are there?: There are five rules Will you be kind to our community?: Of course Is there anything else you would like to tell us?: I hope to be able to join your community Thank you for your time
  10. IGN: ghoward Reason Behind wanting to join?: I haven't played tekkit in a while and i want a good server to start up again on Will you follow rules as stated above?: Of course
  11. Re: [Need Beta Testers] Tekkify - [Tekkit] [Protections, EE/CC Disabled & More!] In-game username:ghoward Age:15 Timezone:EDT Why do you want to become a moderator?:I want to help a community in growth and i seem to have a dumb luck of seeing bad things happen so i can possibly make the response time quicker and its always nice to feel like your on a team What makes you the best candidate?:I think logically and play well with others and i wont be afraid to enact punishment for misbehavior of any player that i have domain over and if other possible moderators are abusing power ill be the bigger man and "tattle" to those who can punish them don't get the wrong idea though as long as the rules are followed i wont have a problem to solve which is the best case scenario Do you have previous experience moderating?:Vanilla small crappy server doesn't really count I'd say got banned cause i argued my point and one of the admins didn't like that so yeah ... moving on Do you have previous experience with Tekkit?: Yes I play it as much as possible though i am the most comfortable with Industrialcraft2 and chances are that will be most of my focus. Warning: I don't build "pretty" things usually i am a functional symmetrical builder though to counteract that i 90% of the time build underground so it wont be an eye sore P.s. I would rather be in survival mode if at all possible
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