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  1. IGN:ghoward Singleplayer has gotten extremely boring and in any game I've found the multiplayer aspect will always have something to offer me as I could get help or provide help to others
  2. IGN: ghoward Reasons: I like co-operating with other people to work towards cool things. Singleplayer Minecraft in general has just gotten boring so playing with a group of people who probably aren't greifers should be nice. Favorite Mod: From what I've played it's a tie between Galacticraft and tinkers' construct Age:17 Youtube: Not currently Skype: Jackquel (the Canadian one)
  3. IGN:ghoward Real Name: Greg Contact(Skype):Jackquel Age:17 Location: East Coast-Canada Pros:Decent builder, Good Miner, Helpful, and a quick learner for the mods i don't know Cons:I'm very used to working alone for the most part Approximate hours a day:4-6
  4. IGN:ghoward Age Bracket:15-20 TZ:EST Why this server: I am just looking for a server that I can work with others and not constantly worry about being greifed, also so i can get some help with some of the mods I've not really touched yet
  5. IGN:ghoward Age:17 Reasons: Your server sounds like one of the most decent of all the ones I've currently looked through. I don't like the pure insanity of anarchy so playing with a small group of people with common sense seems like a awesome idea. I've played alot of the mods in the past but they've evolved a lot so multiplayer will allow me to get some help if at all necessary. That's really all, hope you'll consider adding me to the whitelist.
  6. Minecraft username ghoward --- What playstyle do you prefer? Building and Exploration --- Tell us about yourself I like tekkit and have had a fun with it so now i want to see how it is in multiplayer
  7. IGN: ghoward AGE:16 Tekkit experience?:Haven't played it in a while but i have a basic overall understanding Did you read the rules:Nope
  8. IGN: ghoward Reason for wanting to become a member?: I just joined and i think I'll like this server so full access would be nice Will you follow the rules that we have set for this server?:Yes Why should we accept you: I work well with others and understand most of the mods in tekkit (computercraft confuses me)
  9. In Game Username: My username is ghoward Age: 15 Country: Canada Why would you join our community?: I dislike worrying about griefing and stealing 24/7 on open servers so I wish to join your whitelist community, simple as that. If you want to join, explain how you will help us, if help is needed?: I can give help on Industrialcraft mostly but I will try to help people with the other mods to the best of my knowledge. Do you agree on all of the rules?: Yes I agree To prove that you read all of the rules, how many rules are there?: There are five rules Will you be kind to
  10. IGN: ghoward Reason Behind wanting to join?: I haven't played tekkit in a while and i want a good server to start up again on Will you follow rules as stated above?: Of course
  11. Re: [Need Beta Testers] Tekkify - [Tekkit] [Protections, EE/CC Disabled & More!] In-game username:ghoward Age:15 Timezone:EDT Why do you want to become a moderator?:I want to help a community in growth and i seem to have a dumb luck of seeing bad things happen so i can possibly make the response time quicker and its always nice to feel like your on a team What makes you the best candidate?:I think logically and play well with others and i wont be afraid to enact punishment for misbehavior of any player that i have domain over and if other possible moderators are abusing power ill b
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