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  1. i was on 1.0.9. i can test it out right now if you want can't catch in the latest now but i already have one bagged so, yeah
  2. i took as many sphax and some different rpacks as i could find, combined them, and have almoust cool textures for all, can'tt find anything decent for random things and flans mod lol
  3. idk, worked fine for me with a launcher, just step away further from it and should work, infinite amount of demon hearts <3
  4. We still looking for 2 mature members to join us to help populate the server before we recruit more:)
  5. broken chunk... some other guy was haiving that on server too and crashing server thanks to that... couldn't even make it past spawn coz of all of the rebooting:C
  6. This is in a wrong format totally, and using this to get views on a video, sigh
  7. Hi all, I'm a 25yo Male from Finland and i loved Minecraft since the moment i found out about it! And after this pack came out i've literally pulled overnighters just to finish a project or 2 I have a mic and skype, etc. Pretty friendly , don't grief / kill /steal. Like helping with people's projects / buildings or anything. In my spare time i like to fish, in real life and in MC So if anyone has a server out there and would have a spot for me, pm me or message me! Thanks for reading Alex. Ps sorry for bad english
  8. IGN: Alexanderito Age: 25 Why do you want to join: To enjoy this awesome mod pack with a community, singleplayer is fun, but multi is even better (if not too large amount of people! And you're from sweden so we share the same or close timezone:) Strengths in Minecraft: Building, Engineering, and i like to combine mods and think of something awesome How many years have you been playing MC: 3+ How much will you be playing: I have alot of free time, so i guess alot, maybe sometimes miss 1 or 2 days, but i can sometimes play 12+h a day Microphone: es Will you be posting vids to Youtube: No /Yes, have always wanted to start making youtube gameplays or (let's plays) just looking for people to maybe do a group channel/thing idlk Youtube channel : - My main objective is to have fun with other players!!
  9. there's like 20 other topics with the same fucking issue
  10. Hello all! I'm very new to these forums, minecraft modpacks and.. minecraft in particular (and maybe typong so please ignore the spelling errors, thanks) I've run into an predicament! Our server was lagging, and i went around to explore, flew in bat mode (yay) and then i see that the terrain sopped loading, so i stopped and wanted to let it load but then it froze! Or so i thought! My pc is pretty beast and it's not the issue, but game responds every 15-20 sec and half of the terrain is unloaded and was playing perfectly fine before that happened, so any tips, guides fixes? I already resetted the pack, applied/removed the recourse packs, still the same, so please, help me out! Have a nice day! edit: it don't have any issues in SP and when i move few blocks in MP it (where i'm having the issue) gives me some Connection lost error...
  11. IGN Alexanderito Age 25 Looking for a small, but fun and mature server to play on:)
  12. Age: 25 Country : Estonia IGN: Alexanderito Do you understand the rules?: Loud and Clear!
  13. Alexanderito I'd love to play in a community, tried singleplayer, was fun, but it's more fun with other people i don't grief nor bully people, age's 25
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