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[1.0.8]SettleCraft [PvE][35 slots][Whitelist][Ships mod removed]

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Server Details

This server was created because there were servers that either had staff that didn't care of their servers or restricted a lot of the mods. Our goal is to create a server where players can enjoy most of the mods. Only mod we removed is archimede's ships due to possible lag issues. All staff play regularly and are willing to help newer players on the server. We do play to launch a website if we get enough regular players. We don't had a hub at spawn point atm. We may put one in down the road. This server is pretty much build where you ant to without causing problems for other players.



Server Rules

1. Do not grief

2. Do not use Offensive language

3. If you want to build big build far away from the spawn point

4. No impersonating Staff

5. No mini modding

6. No begging

7. No semantics



  • AdminCMD
  • BananaBackup
  • BchatManager
  • bPermissions
  • TCE
  • WorldEdit
  • Worldguard
  • Ultralogger



  • Only Archimede's Ship has been removed due to possible lag issues
  • Every player will get a Worldguarded area for their protection
  • Free build
  • Always open to plugin suggestions to improve player enjoyment

Server Address




Whitelist App Format





Do you understand the rules?

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Age? 21
Country? The Netherlands 
IGN? MushWolf
Do you understand the rules? I solemly swear I have read the rules and will dutifully try to follow them to the best extend I can imagine them to being followed. So yeah I do.

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Age? I'm a little leery about giving out this information. I'm legally an adult, that's all I'll say.
Country? UK
IGN? greatorder

(no space or capitals in my name)
Do you understand the rules? Yes. TBH, you should ask if people are gonna follow them, too. I understand the rules, but for all you know, I'm an anarchist :P

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