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Crazy ore generation

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Uh, ok, I'm not sure what you mean so please don't be offended if I've misunderstood, but let me try and be clearer.


CoFH is a team that makes mods - Thermal Expansion is probably what they're best known for, but they have other mods.  One, part of the CoFH Core mods, is capable of taking all the different ores from different mods and combining them into a single system for world generation so you don't just get ores in other ores all over the place.


It's got a bunch of controls about what ores it spawns where, this is stored in a config file called WorldCustomGen.TXT in The Attack Of The B-Team modpack.  Changing settings in there lets you determine what ores will spawn where.  This will allow you to have 'Crazy Ore Generation' (I'm not quite sure what you mean by that either, but I assumed you just meant like the B-Team ore generation).


Does that clear anything up?

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Ohhh my gosh THANKYOU SOOOOO MUCH! hahaha!!! You made my life come true! and yes when i mean 'Crazy ore generation' i do mean that! Thanks again!


Oh and one more question. where do i put the mod? in the config file or just the mods or the coremods? or bin?

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Mods folder, it should create the config folder itself.  There should be installation instructions with it somewhere - they'll probably have information on all the other plugin parts of that system that might interest you (I know there's one for altering treasure from chests and monster drops for example, but there's no doubt more).

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