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BCraft AOTBT [Protection] [Essentials] [Tight-knit]

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Hello technicpack.net ! I'm here to open the doors to our brand new Attack of the B Team Server - BCraft!

Located in the US, we're striving for a tight-knit group of players to join our no-lag, low-ping server.

We run a few plugins to make things a bit easier for our players such as Grief Prevention to protect your belongings and Essentials so that you can create a /home and request teleports to other players.


In order to keep the server public, and keep all items ban-free, we use a time based system to unlock items the more time you spent on the server.  No donations or voting required.  Everyone has a chance - all it takes is a little time.


If you think you'd make a good addition, join while we're new :) Get a head start of other players :P. See ya soon!




Website: Under Construction

Rules: Don't Grief, Respect other players, Don't Spam Chat, Don't Hack

Location: Mid U.S.

Owner: WillBeatz

Modpack: Attack of the B-Team

Edited by WillBeatz
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