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Server missing mods after update!


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i'm playing on a private server with my friends, but after i've updated the server to V 1.0.9C and my client to V 1.0.9C i can't join the server anymore. it says there are missing mods:


Forge Mod Loader could not connect to this server

The mods and versions listed below could not be found

They are required to play on this server


TConstruct : 1.6X_1.5.2.1

GalacticraftCore : 2.0.9

ProjRed:Transmission : 1.0

ProjRed:Transportation : 1.0

advancedgenetics : v1.4

ProjRed:Intergration : 1.0

CarpentersBlocks : v2.0.2

ProjRed:Core :

ProjRed:Illumination : 1.0

ProjRed:Expansion : 1.-

ProjRed:Compatibility : 1.0

witchery : 0.14.0

ForgeMultipart :

McMultipart :

ProjRed:Exploration : 1.0

GalacticraftMars : 2.0.9


did i install the server wrong or are there missing mods in the server zip?

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