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0.6.5 whiteplum's server [whitelist, no pvp, friendly building]


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IGN: xX_RobotMC_Xx


Age: 10 


Tekkit Experience: 7/10 I know most of the mods for tekkit lite and i been playing when it came out.


Reason Or Reasons For wanting to join?: Im looking for a small server that has not that many players but also nice pepole

im also going for no greifing/raiding servers because everytime i play on a server i get greifed or raided and its just not fun anymore

i like to play with players that i can trust and have plugins for instants: GreifPrevention that protects the land but i just hope you can accept me


Best Regards

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Hiya ;)

IGN: davonia


Age: 12


Country: England


Tekkit Experience: I haven't played tekkit in a while though I am familiar with quite a lot of machinery.


Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: I want a non-pvp server to be able to build on


Thanks! :moustache:



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AGE: 17




TEKKIT EXPERIENCE: I've been playing tekkit on and off for about 5 years and have been playing since there was only tekkit classic, I know a lot about the mods that are in this mod pack, as well as knowing the mods I am an avid builder and not only make machines but build nice structures to go with them.


Reasons for Joining: I feel that I would be a good help to the server and the players on it. I have been looking for a small server like this for a long time now and it looks like I finally found it, I am a 100% non griefer and only look to help people not steal from them. Although I feel that I would be a great help I am usually off on my own doing my own thing and enjoying a tekkit playthrough. I hope you will read this with consideration and accept me on the server.



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IGN : awesomeness674

age : 12 i know you said 14+ but im very mature for my age

country : usa

tekkit expierience : i just started playing it a week ago

Reasons for joining : i want to be in a mature community with cussing only every once in a while (i dont cuss) instead of all the time and i dont want to risk the chance of giving a creeper my skype.


ps call me on skype if i get in my skype is datonepie

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We are a small server with up to five players looking for a additional two players. We are a mature server and are looking for players at least 14+ who can behave. :)


Current rules:


  • - No griefing
  • - No pvp
  • - No stealing
  • - No hacks or taking advantage of Tekkit bugs.
  • - Never ask to be op'ed


To apply please fill in the form:




Tekkit Experience:

Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?:



If I like your application I will get back to you with the server IP in pm.


Age:old enough for the *ahem*"fun" stores. ;) ;)


Tekkit Experience:not much, mainly focusing in ic2 and bc. i am also fluent in ic3 and bc :techno:.

Reason(s) for wanting to join?:a nice community and low lag.  i hope to help you out with a lot of contraptions and also learn more.

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Profile says you're 13. I sense danger. :P

I'm sorry for lying, but I have been looking for a Tekkit Lite server like this for months. It was a bit disappointing to see an age limit after 'finally finding the right server'. I really just wanted to play on a server with a sense of community, but due to the age limit, I was forced to fib. Please reconsider accepting my application.

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IGN: Smash_Monsta
Age: 35 "as of yesterday"
Country: USA
Tekkit Experience: Only a few months but hooked
Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?:  Looking for a stable friendly place for my self and brother to play actively , he is only a couple years younger than my self and we love to help others if so asked. also tired of these servers that bring in anyone and everyone that end up tearing everyones hard work down and causing trouble. if you would like any further info on either of us please feel free to contact me via email @ [email protected] or via this website . Thank you in advance for your consideration and Game On !
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