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0.6.5 whiteplum's server [whitelist, no pvp, friendly building]


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We are a small server with up to five players looking for a additional two players. We are a mature server and are looking for players at least 14+ who can behave. :)


Current rules:


  • - No griefing
  • - No pvp
  • - No stealing
  • - No hacks or taking advantage of Tekkit bugs.
  • - Never ask to be op'ed


To apply please fill in the form:




Tekkit Experience:

Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?:



If I like your application I will get back to you with the server IP in pm.

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Yay! A Tekkit Lite server!


IGN: flameoguy
Age: 13

Country: USA

Tekkit Experience: I have two impressive survival worlds, built multiple advanced machines in creative, and have played since before there was a difference between light, classic, and 'tekkit' with spaceships.
Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: A lot of servers nowadays premote anarchy and griefing. I finally found a tekkit server where I can build and play with and make friends.

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Tekkit Experience: I have started in the original tekkit and technic and went to the tekkit lite and space, also I have two amazing survival worlds in technica and tekkit classic. 
Reason or Reasons for wanting to join: I hate public servers they say no lag but there is. + Ilike a small community :)

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IGN: Syplex

Age: 16

Country: Austria

Tekkit Experience:

Well i got some experience with some of the mods but mostly played them in the ftb modpack, but now im willing to try a new one :D

Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?:

Because i like playing on servers with a small group of people, without all the griefing stuff.

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IGN: twoupclock


Age: 16


Country: Portugal

Tekkit experience: I play tekkit for a long time but then I stop and now I come back to play again :D

                              I know Industrial Craft ;)


Reason or Reasons for waiting to join:

I want to join because I really like small servers for have fun and I like to start playing again with a mature community

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Tekkit Experience:2-3 Years only thing not proficient in is red power and the ME systems.

Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?:I just wanna acquire tekkit lite wealth and freely build projects IE pokemon gyms and other fun projects.

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IGN: gunmen2



Age: 15



Country: United States of America



Tekkit experience: I may still be quallified as a newb to tekkit, thats moslty because i cant ever do anything when i play on other servers, I know you probably want players with alot of experience, but I really want to get into tekkit lite and i really cant do anything when practically all servers are raiding and stealing.



my reason for wanting to join the server, is so that i can have a server where i can build and expand and explore without having to worry about,griefers,raiders, and all around mean players. However, am not the only person that wants into the server



please read the rest of the post before throwing this submission out the window, I want to post another apply form in this same post for a different player. I assure you I know him in real life in fact hes my best friend, he wants to play with me so we can work togethor, same as me.

IGN: bob123272






Country: United States of America



Tekkit experience: he has a whole lot more tekkit experience than i do and knows more than just the basics.


The reason he wants to join is he wants a nice small peaceful server, same as me. he wants to be able to build and craft without having to worry about people raiding or greifing.



I know that this is not a usual application and i want to thank you for taking the time to read it and i hope, atleast thinking about it.

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IGN: VanillaGorrila

Age: 27

Country: US

Tekkit Experience: 1 year, good with AE, automating, also a decent eye for making efficient but good looking factories. 

Reason: Looking for a small survival server without the griefing. Want to find a small server focused on building something epic.

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IGN: temporalparadox

Age: 13

Country: Canada 

Tekkit Experience: I don't have much experience but I have been learning real quick.
Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: I wish to join because the server the last server i was on got reset right as i got my base done and with a server like this shouldn't have any lag problems.no idiots on whitelist.

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IGN: slowride326



Age: 15


Country: USA



Tekkit Experience: I have played much before, but not recently. I lost my old account info a while back

and was forced not to play to tekkit for a good bit. I hope to get back into the game and i can learn fast.


Reason Why?: I have had much trouble fining a server and i would like a good friendly community.

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IGN: Voveriukas
Age: 22

Country: Lithuania

Tekkit Experience: I have played Tekkit about 1 year ago with friends, but not too much, so my experience is not so high... But I want to learn more about this mod.

Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?:Well I am looking for not too big community. Also it is hard to find peaceful and friendly community these days. And I hate when server looks like a bomb site. Also I mentioned that I want to learn more about Tekkit, so I guess it is easier to learn something when there is someone who can explain and show some stuff.

Regards ^^

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After playing this server for 3 days, I feel like writing a review. I'll list the pros and cons of the server, aswell as how I experience this server.



Tight community

No banned items

Helpful people


Not commercial at all (no aiming for donations)



Can be laggy sometimes, because the host isn't top quality, but it works.


My first day on this server:

When I first got online on the server after being whitelisted, whiteplum was online. Had a nice friendly conversation with him, and he showed me around the spawn village. The castle is beautiful by the way! Whiteplum had to go for a while so I started building my house. When he came back, we talked again and I showed him my house. After a while another guy came online, James_Hawke. We exchanged some music, laughed alot, skype'd for a while and he helped me with my house.


My opinion/conclusion:

If you like to be part in a small but friendly and helpful community, and you are mature, then this is the perfect server for you. Most of those big servers are full with idiots and immature pricks, and that's why I love small communities. Most of the time, only mature and friendly people play on those small servers. So, my conclusion is: I love this server!


- Smith a Cat

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IGN: Teknically

Age: 14

Country: USA/California/Rosemead

Tekkit Experience: I got a good amount of experience. Can make the simpler things that won't kill a server

Reason or Reasons for wanting to join: Because I love Minecraft in general, and multiplayer is a great way for me to meet new people and get more experience as a player.

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