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  1. ign: same as here. age: old enough to drink, drive, and get some action. previous experience: multiple servers of tekkit classic, tekkit lite, and tekkit. major in ic2 and buildcraft, with minor in ee. join reason: getting another classic server with low downtime. bringing to server: factories for common ic2 items, among other things, once established. name: [redacted] info about self: a tendency to build down instead of up. a habit of wishing to get started right away in the mods rather than grinding in vanilla mode, generosity towards newbies once established. location:two time zones, more likely central time,but sometimes it becomes eastern. (gmt -6/-5) short bio: nothing much, just a player who tends to like small (3-5) groups and building machinery. agreement with rules:wholeheartedly. rules make it better for getting rid of griefers and trolls.
  2. ign: same as here. age: old enough to drink, drive, and have "fun". reason for joining: to get another server on the list that has less downtime lengths.
  3. launcher is not letting itsself thru my os security, and i have no clue how to make an exception.

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      fixed, seems it was just being picky.

  4. now i'm happy. the launcher works. no more errors, and it loads the normals.

  5. first off, you need to use pastebin for the log file. second, you may need to update something. i'd check the chunk loading program.
  6. no clue when this will be fixed, and i now can't unzip the files. i hope this can be fixed soon, because i have a good setup on the darkdominion.net tekkit lite server i want to keep.
  7. my problem is similar, but it lies in the unzipping instead of the downloading. i can't get any modpacks. period.
  8. the new launcher is now giving me this error. now it acknowledges the existence of the pack, but won't get the file. also, i suggest the spellcheck be called. "attempting" should really be "attempted" in that error message, unless it refers to the process of extracting in present tense in the previous sentence.
  9. new layout is fine to me,but it just won't load any modpacks.
  10. yeah, this sucks. i can't get to my favorite server because the launcher is broken.
  11. this IS a common problem. it's not just you with the broken launcher. they pushed it too soon, it seems. the modpacks that COME WITH IT won't load, not to mention the other modpacks. i suggest they go back to the old one for now, but i problably will be ignored.
  12. it's not just the custom modpacks. it's all the modpacks. where do we find the tekkit lite download link to fix it?
  13. the new launcher is broken and refuses to load anything. even the technic preloaded packs refuse to load. seems this is a common problem.
  14. i have the same problem. if the new launcher is breaking the modpacks, then what is different?
  15. if you want a completely safe starter reactor, use this setup. it generates the most for a reactor with no chambers as far as i have found. mk I EC http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/v3/reactorplanner.html?21p07vytazednsfxldg29avsmzesfu34r3krzso0t18g60xmvga6q0jxtx2zeqs9tyw56pdf2dlvqbk this setup is completely tilable, and is also safe for full depletion. all you have to do is copy the top or bottom 3 rows, and then tile it. the better reactor is after this one though. each tile is mk I EC. http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/v3/reactorplanner.html?21p1hxi38doigawtjf6a8c3k0jtafb4intvt9kq9aybshb1xvosiv4qe7wx3v8113foogano7g0a9s0 as for best possible, i've found this one to work well for a breeder. double cells for power, and it re-enriches 3 in a full depletion. my criteria, by the way, are mark 1 with 0 heat generated over the cooling capacity. mk I EA++ breeder net loss http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/v3/reactorplanner.html?21p7ds7tp7zk08avo967dm5kf9bpc4yv7ztoa2eht4ay4asjl2pry933bsdp18hsm8biyh3ir9arr40 edit: the first design works well, but has no pulse linkage. it could be better by replacing the advanced vents with overclocked, and adding a few component heat exchangers in the gaps between the uranium sets. by replacing some heat vents with exchangers and others with overclocked vents, i was able to get another double cell in. link is here. mk I EC http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/v3/reactorplanner.html?21p7egebx0tla6p4it00ymnqmxhif1okyuvduvxvz6chrwpjxtd6fngs7m1djiy1tna9qm0wj29b3ls
  16. i think there is no way to do that short of setting up an autocrafting table and phased transport pipes, but i may be wrong.
  17. biggest machine, before i dismantled it and replaced it with the AE crafting processor, was an automated diamond maker. no screenshots, unfortunately. it used a ton of phased transport pipes to send everything around. it even transmuted dirt all the way to diamond. no ic2 involved at all. it was pure bc, right down to the power supply for the quarry. i still have most of that power system in place, and plan to make a nuclear reactor using one of the safe designs to power the whole system.
  18. depth strider isn't even in the version of minecraft that tekkit uses. remember, tekkit is pre-1.8.
  19. i'm thinking this is just someone making an "i want you all to look at this" redirect. to the idiot posting this, .
  20. thanks. i definitely don't like the raiding aspect there. i was showing my home and accepted a tpa from what i thought was the one i was showing it to. it was oferman that had /tpa'd me. oferman, after i said "ask before taking," took a stack of coal dust and some more things. i went to attack and the person i was showing it to killed me because of oferman being their friend. after i said oferman stole from me he became an enemy of that person, and then oferman brought 2 others in to raid my home. let me know when the non-pvp server is up, please. also, i am fluent in redstone logic gates. {insert on the subject of redstone logic gates here} *vanishes*
  21. IGN:arceus_100lv Age:old enough for the *ahem*"fun" stores. ;) Country:usa. Tekkit Experience:not much, mainly focusing in ic2 and bc. i am also fluent in ic3 and bc . Reason(s) for wanting to join?:a nice community and low lag. i hope to help you out with a lot of contraptions and also learn more.
  22. first, you posted the ip there. not sure if you intended to or not. second, if you still have any slots, i'd like to join. ign:arceus_100lv age:not giving exact, but i can enter stores that sell *ahem* "things". true age: country: usa tekkit experience: minor. estimated at about 3-4 months. may be high for the estimate. reason(s) for joining: 1. this server has a small size, meaning it's easy to find the one who griefed/stole if they did. 2. the community seems nice. 3. i was looking for a small low-lag server, and yours fits easily. supplementary information: i have a schematic of many useful redstone things, including the pulser, on my computer and as a hardcopy hand-copied from a youtube video i forgot about. yes, i copied the schematics off a youtube video. to the video producer, as i would have sucked at redstone logic gates without it. if you don't want me, that's ok. i'll just keep trying to find a server that has low lag and good people. EDIT: your server is out of date. might want to fix that.
  23. server is down, and so is the enjin page. if this server no longer exists, then could this thread be locked to let others know?
  24. left. theives looted my home after i showed someone named oferman where it was. oferman, and 2 others organized a looting party. good luck, snipe. *uses /kill* server is ful of theives.
  25. game music from a good dubstep artist i listen to:
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