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B-Team 1.0.9c Crash On Startup - Your Answer

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EMC, all of those mods you're missing are 1.0.8 server mods, not 1.0.9c server mods.  Go back to version 1.0.8 and don't update it until the server does if you want to be able to connect to it.


Edit: Enderman1021, that's not nearly enough information for us to be any kind of help to you - you've kind of come out of nowhere with us not knowing what you mean when you say "I did that" because nothing was directed at you, so I guess you followed the instructions in the OP?  If you've got a problem like the OP describes (launcher starts, then game drops you almsot immediately back to launcher when you click play) then please post your logs in the bug reports section so we can see how we can help.

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