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[0.6.5]TekkMine[PvE][16 slots][Open][No Explosives][No MystCraft]


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We are currently a small close-knit group looking to grow.
This server is based in New York.
Admins are here to help and manage the server, and settle any disputes. Please listen to them and respect their commands. 
Admins are currently: Aragohn
Server Owner: Aragohn
Rules for TekkMine:
We have players of all ages and therefore we will not tolerate inappropriate language.
We are adding new "worlds" for quarries. Currently they are being used in the overworld. Once this is implemented, we will no longer allow quarries in the overworld.
Griefing or PVP without a players permission will result in jail or banning. You have been warned!
Be respectful to everyone.
Building Rules
Building is fun but lets face it, cobblestone towers can be ugly.
We ask that after your initial gathering of basic materials is over that you keep the cobblestone and dirt buildings to a minimum.
This server is under construction and therefore things are expected to change.
We encourage suggestions so that we can get better and better.
Check us out!
Server Info: 
IP Address: 
Port: 25565
Player Max: 16  (This will grow as donations and the server store grow - We have upgraded multiple times already to prepare for the public launch)
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Server is currently whitelisted - Some children using weak tricks attempted to destroy our server - im sure you have dealt with these kids 


In any event the fools they are somehow thought we wouldnt have backups 


We are whitelisted until we patch up the loophole they used to access worldedit


For other Server Operators - be weary of little children using all number usernames such as 35645464 


Sorry for the inconvenience


If you see those children, ban them 

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Server store is running - Minigames at /warp PVE are in place with a prize and our casino is open with Blackjack and Slot Machines at /warp casino 
Come have fun with us!
*Griefers will be banned - Kids have joined, attempted to grief, easily reversed and easily banned*
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